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RV Bed Size Feather Bed Topper For RV Beds

RV Bed Size Feather Bed Topper For RV Beds
RV Bed Size Feather Bed Topper

RV Bed Size Feather Bed. Feather beds are hard to buy in special sizes. Fine Web Stores has been lucky enough to find a small feather bed manufacturer in the United States that builds special sizes for us!

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Our feather beds are approximately four inches tall when fluffed up. They are generously filled with 90% feathers and 10% down. The outside cover of the feather bed, or shell is composed of a white feather proof ticking of 233 threads per square inch feather bed fabric.

The baffles of the feather bed run side to side, approximately 20 to 30 inches apart.

Feather beds are designed to just lay on top of a mattress. There are no straps or attachments. Gravity does the work. When I asked a fine older sales lady that makes feather beds and such her life, how the feather bed stays where it is supposed to stay she said, "it just does."

Some manufacturers do not suggest washing their feather beds. These generously sized feather beds are manufactured exclusively for FineWebStores.com.

Feather beds are tightly packed for shipping. When you receive you feather bed, fluff it up and allow several hours for it to recover their full loft. In addition, being sealed in plastic packaging sometimes causes the scent of these natural products to concentrate to a disagreeable level. A few hours of airing usually removes the odor.

Please allow up to 14 business days for shipping.


RETURN AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that our sheets, comforters and mattress pads, etc. are all custom sewn for you when you order. We do this so we can offer many colors and custom sizes, thousands of combination's, in fact! Because our bedding is custom for your order, please order carefully. Cancellation of an order is generally impossible as we start sewing ASAP. We can only accept returns within 30 days of order, a 50% re-stock fee will apply, and the bedding must be un-opened and in original packaging. Bedding that has been used or washed is not returnable. Please note that you are responsible for all shipping costs.