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Full Tall Man™ Size Abe Feller® Ache Less™ Mattress

Full Tall Man™ Size Abe Feller® Ache Less™ Mattress
Full Tall Man™ Size Abe Feller® Ache Less™ Mattress

SHIPPING SPECIAL, around $119 shipping, curb side delivery, (more details), to most locations!

Bench crafted with quality materials by hard working Americans in a small family owned factory the old fashioned way.

Our ACHE LESS™ mattress is a patented memory foam pillow-top/firm model. Designed around a heavy density visco elastic foam core for lumbar support with medium density visco elastic foam at the head and foot. Next the pillow-top is created from a 1 inch layer of low density visco elastic memory foam followed by quilted cotton and another 1 inch layer of low density visco elastic memory foam topped with a layer of antimicrobial fiber. Finally the fine damask cover is quilted to create a premium pillow-top/firm mattress.

Full Man™ Twin Size Abe Feller Fine Mattresses Ache Less™ Plush/Firm mattress set. Do your feet hang over the end of your bed? If so, you're in luck! We've made the Tall Man™ just for you. Tall Man™ Full size 54 in. x 84 in., a full seven foot bed.

Individual Mattresses only, are also available. If you just need the mattress please choose that option from the drop down menu directly above.The set includes a mattress and a sturdy box spring.

Please note that the Tall Man™ Full size will fit a normal full headboard. Don't even think about using a foot board with the Tall Man™ as the length is too long. Sheets for these beds are also available on our website.

We recommend an extremely long frame to support the extra length of this set. If you don't use our Tall Man™ frame, the entire bed will lift up when you sit at the foot of the bed. The metal frame is not included but available. The frame will accommodate a Full size bolt on headboard. The headboard is not necessary to complete the frame.

Body aches and joint pain are a thing of the past with our Visco Memory Foam mattress. Multiple layers of foam are positioned to support the body's different zones. A plush Memory Foam pillow top adorns one side while a dense, highly resilient firm side is available for support.

This Ache Less™ mattress incorporates our amazing plush pillowtop on one side and firmer mattress non-pillowtop on the other side. Want a different feel? Just flip the mattress. An idea whose time has come, especially when you consider the poor value that a one sided "no flip" mattress offers.

The Abe Feller Fine Mattresses Ache Less™ model sold here offers low price with plush pillow top but supportive feel and a firmer feel with tighter quilting on the other side.

Available as a set (mattress and box foundation) or as a mattress only. Please choose between these two options in the drop down menu above.

This Mattress and/or Mattress Set meets or exceeds the flammability standard FF4-72.

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Bedding Depths: Mattress Only: 11.75 inches Mattress and Box Foundation Set: 19.5 inches

Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping.

NOTE: This is a special-order item. Please call us with any questions you have prior to ordering 740-593-5000.

Don't Forget Bed Frames.

WARRANTY AND RETURNS: This mattress or mattress set is custom made so it is not returnable for any reason. Orders cannot be canceled or changed once production has begun. Our mattress and/or Mattress and Foundation set will last for years. It is built from top quality componets and does not rely upon soft and cheap padding that can imprint and indent over a short period of time. However, we do not warranty our bed because we ship it all over the country and it is cost prohibitive to do a return. With proper metal frame support and proper foundation support (if you buy a set you get an excellent foundation) the mattress will last for years.