Abe Feller

Abe Feller

    Split Foundations

    Split queen foundation, split full foundation, split queen box spring are terms used to describe a foundation or box spring that is cut in two so it can make it through tight places. Some homes are not designed to permit queen and sometimes even the smaller full size foundations pass through to certain rooms, especially an attic room or basement room. The mattress can ususally pass through to these rooms because it has plenty of bend and give. The foundation is rigid and allows no room for play.

    At some time in the history of mattresses, long after several maniacs cut their queen foundations in two with a chainsaw and attempted to put Humpty-Dunpty back together again, the mattress industry invented the split foundation. Unfortunately, the split foundation can cost quite a bit more than a regular foundation as it is really like buying two foundations. More mattress stores are stocking the split queen foundation but very few stock a split full size foundation. We sell quite a few of both sizes of split foundations online.

    Many people who order a split foundation also need to order a metal bed frame center support to help hold the split foundation up and give proper support. We call this support a "Big Lift" and it is available from us online and pretty inexpensive. The Big Lift spans the center of your metal bed frame, side to side and includes an adjustable center support leg that rests on the ground for greater support. Plus size people may want to order as many as three of these for GREAT supports.

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