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Abe Feller

    Not Air Mattress! Air Mattress Bed!

    Quite a few consumers still confuse the terms air mattress and air adjustable bed or air mattress bed. Air adjustable beds are a far cry from the air mattress. When most of us hear the term air mattress our thoughts may go back to summer camp or a backyard swimming pool. Times have changed and so has the air mattress. No longer just a way to keep from sleeping on the ground, air adjustable mattresses and air adjustable beds are among the hottest trends in sleep systems today.

    Many retailers sell inflatable air beds that are designed for providing temporary sleeping space. A far cry from the old fashioned air mattress, these blow up mattresses are not designed for long term use.

    In the same way that waterbeds were once adapted for hospital use, air adjustable mattresses were found to be of similar value. Traditional innerspring mattresses were problematic for many burn patients and those who were bed ridden for prolonged periods of time. These patients often suffered from pressure sores, commonly referred to as bed sores.

    To prevent the formation of pressure sores, the common practice was to turn the patient at regular intervals. Anxious to ease the suffering of bed ridden patients and reduce the time needed to care for them, designers thought the answer might lie in the air adjustable bed. Using an electrically powered air pump, the firmness of the air adjustable mattress could be changed to suit the patients comfort level. With the reduction of pressure points, pressure sores are reduced.

    Air adjustable beds now sold for residential use are a great alternative to the traditional innerspring mattress. Often featuring multiple air chambers, sleeping partners can control the firmness on their side of the bed. With plush quilted tops and even layers of the popular visco elastic memory foam, air adjustable beds are as good looking as they comfortable.

    Air adjustable beds, though similar in principle to a hybrid waterbed, have a distinct advantage over the water-filled tubes which make up most hybrids. While both systems have the look and feel of a traditional innerspring mattress, the firmness of an air adjustable can be changed almost on a whim. Equipped with a small air compressor, you can adjust the firmness, usually by remote control. Changing the firmness of a hybrid waterbed is considerably more complicated and not nearly as precise.

    Imagine standing in front of a line of water-filled vinyl tubes. Now imagine being told to fill each tube with precisely the same amount of water. Let's throw in another challenge. Pretend that you have to fill half of the tubes with exactly the same amount of water and the other half with another amount. Though not impossible tasks, it is hardly a convenient way to adjust your sleeping surface.

    Air adjustable beds allow you to very precisely control the firmness level over a very wide range in a matter of seconds. Most air adjustable beds feature dual chamber designs. Dual air chambers allow sleeping partners to adjust their side of the bed to suit their individual preferences. The air pumps are relatively quiet and respond quickly.

    With a number of other features such as massage, European-style plush tops, modern air adjustable mattresses can be a little on the pricey side. When combined with long term manufacturers warranties, air adjustable mattresses can be a very smart and comfortable investment.

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