Abe Feller

Abe Feller

    How To Clean A Mattress

    A bed might just be the most neglected piece of upholstered furniture in the home. Changing the sheets and bedding may get done on a regular basis. As for cleaning the mattress itself, that is a task must folks probably put off. There are some simple ways to keep your mattress clean. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your mattress and make for a healthier sleeping environment.

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One of the best ways to keep your mattress clean is to use a quality mattress pad. Be sure to select a mattress pad that is easily laundered in your washing machine, has deep corner pockets and a good fit. Wash the mattress pad every time you change the sheets.

    There are pros and cons to using a vacuum cleaner on your mattress. The general consensus is that there is nothing to loose even though much of the dust, dirt and even dust mites are embedded far below the surface of the fabric. Again, nothing is lost by regularly putting a vacuum to your mattress.

    Two sided mattresses are not as common as they once were, so routinely flipping your mattress may not be an option. If you own a two sided mattress be sure to flip and rotate the mattress every four to six months. If you own a pillow top or euro top mattress, you have only one side to work with. An alternative to flipping is to rotate the mattress one hundred eighty degrees, head to foot.

    Even with a mattress pad, spills can soak through to the mattress. If the resulting stain is something you cannot life with, trying to clean it is possible. Problems can occur if the mattress remains wet, either because of a spill or during an attempt to remove it. A wet mattress is a mattress that can easily become a breed ground for bacteria and dust mites. Dust mites love a moist environment and wet cleaning a mattress is not recommended.

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