Abe Feller

Abe Feller

    Health Benefits Of Adjustable Beds

    One of the hottest trends in mattresses and sleep systems today are adjustable beds. Not so long ago, when we heard the term adjustable bed, many of thought of bed similar in design to a hospital bed. In fact, residential bed buyers can still find several lines of adjustable beds based on the hospital bed model. Thanks to new materials and design innovations, the adjustable bed has forever changed how consumers think about a bed they can adjust to their individual needs.

    What Is an Adjustable Bed?

    Using the old hospital bed example, imagine a bed which can be raised at the head, foot or at the midsection. Now imagine a bed where the firmness of the mattress can be infinitely adjusted across a wide range. This defines the modern adjustable bed. Depending on the size of the mattress, the firmness can be adjusted to accommodate the sleeping preferences of one or two people. There are two types of adjustable beds. One is the air adjustable bed which makes use of one or more air chambers. The other is a hybrid waterbed that features individual water filled tubes. The firmness is changed by adjusting the volume of water in each tube.

    Pressure Points and Back Pain

    Proponents of adjustable beds make the claim that traditional innerspring mattresses can create pressure points on the body. These pressure points are said to interfere with sleep. Adjustable beds are said to eliminate pressure points while supporting the body in a more natural contour. Maintaining a natural contour is said to relieve back and joint pain. There is an ongoing debate over which type of mattress is better for people with chronic back pain. The consensus seems to be that whatever feels the best is the best, whether soft, firm or somewhere in between.

    Education Counts

    There are lots of other claims made about the benefits of adjustable beds. As with any major home purchase, consumers should take the time to educate themselves with respect to products, features and price. Adjustable beds, both hybrid and air adjustable are available in a variety of sizes from twin to king. An adjustable bed could be the right choice for your particular situation and should be included when making a purchase decision that involves a new bed.

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