Abe Feller

Abe Feller

    Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite - Clean Your Mattress

    After years of relative obscurity, the ubiquitous bedbug has made a comeback. Once thought to be a nuisance that was eliminated long ago, these pesky little insects have reappeared in some very unlikely places. In the days before mass production of mattresses and other bedding articles, bedbugs and other insect pests were very common.

    In cities across America, bedbugs have begun to show up in hotels, motels and other businesses providing public accommodations. One theory is that bedbugs are stowing away in the luggage of some international travelers. The method of introduction and transference is quite simple. After an overseas trip, Traveler A unwittingly returns with these little stowaways in items of clothing. Checking into another hotel, Traveler A introduces the little hitchhikers to another hotel room.

    Traveler B comes along and stays in the same room as Traveler A. The bed bugs then happily move into the luggage of Traveler B. Traveler B returns home and is surprised to find that the bed bugs have setup housekeeping. The evidence may be nothing more than waking up only to find a series of small bites in a linear pattern. Upon closer examination, Traveler B finds little brown bugs in the bed. Since bed bugs feed on human blood, tt is not uncommon to find tiny spots of blood on the sheets and other bedding items.

    Finding bed bugs in the bed is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Less than a quarter inch in length, bed bugs can and do make their way to other items of upholstery and clothing. Once the presence of these little blood suckers has been confirmed, the work of eliminating them has only just begun.

    Bedding items like mattresses and box springs are not easily cleaned. It can be assumed that the bedbugs have been busy reproducing and any deposits of eggs are very difficult to locate. The only guaranteed way to deal with infested mattresses and box springs is to dispose of the items as trash. Never donate or sell infested bedding. Having to replace infesting bedding is not an inexpensive proposition but there is little choice.

    All bedding like sheets, blankets and pillow cases must be thoroughly washed. Clothing items that may contain the bugs and their eggs must also be cleaned or discarded.

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