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Abe Feller

    Buying Bunk Beds For Kids

    For growing families and folks who just want some extra sleeping space, the bunk bed has always been a popular option. Bunk beds have been a favorite piece of bedroom furniture among both parents and children. In addition to adding extra sleeping space, bunk beds can free up space in a child's room. Today's bunk beds come in a wide variety of styles designed especially for children. Bed manufacturers have responded to the need for safety in children's furniture and bunk beds are no exception. Still there several important things to look for when buying bunk beds for kids.

    Here are some suggestions for picking a bunk bed this is practical, fun and most of all safe. Kids will be kids and it is vitally important to educate children about bunk bed safety.

    Many bunk beds designed for children have safety guardrails. More importantly, the safety guardrails are attached to the frame and are intentionally difficult for a child to remove. Never remove or otherwise modify the safety guardrails. Younger children should be encouraged to use the lower bunk.

    Most bunk beds come with a ladder or a system of steps designed to allow access to the upper bunk. Just as with safety guardrails, the ladder or step system should not be modified or altered. Children should be taught about how to safely use the ladder and to avoid playing on the ladder.

    Selecting the right mattress is very important. Most bunk beds are designed to use a standard size twin or full size mattress. In order not to defeat the purpose of the safety guardrails the overall height of the mattress must be considered. The height of a mattress that is too thick may extend near to or beyond the top of the safety rails. Avoid using a pillow top, plush top or euro top mattress on the upper bunk.

    Choose a quality mattress. Getting a good night's sleep is as important for kids as it is for adults. Even though a cheap mattress may seem like a really good deal you might in for surprise. Be certain that the mattress was manufactured to the latest safety and fire retard standards. Never buy a mattress that does not have the manufacturer's content label attached.

    Everyone likes a bargain but buying the least expensive bunk bed might, as they say, be penny wise but pound foolish. Be prepared to pay a reasonable price for a quality bunk bed. Buying a used bunk bed can be a good deal provided that the bed has been built to the latest safety standards. Never buy a bunk bed if it shows signs of damage or abnormal wear and tear.

    Metal bunk beds are usually painted. Be sure that the paint finish is lead free. Wood bunk beds may be painted or stained and lacquered. Again, it is important that the finish does not contain lead-based ingredients.

    After buying the bed, be sure to check it over every six months or so. Check to ensure that the fasteners are tight and that the frame is good shape.

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