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Abe Feller

    All About The Mattress!

    Getting a good night's sleep has taken on a new importance. Recent research points to a lack of quality sleep as the cause of many medical maladies. Heart problems, memory loss and obesity are just a few of them many medical conditions blamed on sleep deprivation. Losing sleep has many causes but with today's new and improved sleep systems, there is no reason for letting a poor quality mattress rob you of a good night's sleep.

    It is estimated that billions of dollars per year as lost to lower productivity caused by sleep deprivation. Waking up tired every day can have a negative affect, not only job performance, but on your general quality of life. A poor quality mattress can be the cause of spinal problems, muscle aches and stress. Since we spend an average of three thousand hours a year in bed, it is easy to see how a quality mattress can greatly improve your health and your life.

    More than ever before, consumers can choose from variety of mattresses that can help to improve sleep quality. Improvements in design, materials and construction offer mattress buyers the chance to find exactly the sleep system.

    First, look at the mattress you have. Does it sag in the middle? Is it lumpy and uncomfortable? Does it lack a proper box spring or foundation? Do you wake up tired and achy? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is well past time to consider buying a new mattress. Waterbeds, hybrid waterbeds, air adjustable beds, and plush innerspring mattresses all have plusses and minuses. Deciding on which type of mattress or sleep system is right for you, means doing some basic research, but the effort will be well worth it.

    A debate that has raged for years is whether someone with back problems should have a firm or a soft mattress. Research has been conducted but there does not seem to be a consensus of opinion, even among orthopedic professionals. One that many of these studies point to is that the mattress should feel comfortable for the sleeper, whether the mattress is firm, soft or somewhere in the middle.

    Shopping for new mattress or sleep system requires some hands on experience. When visiting your local mattress retailer, give yourself enough time. Give every mattress a thorough test drive. That means getting on the bed, finding the position you normally sleep in and just relax. Simply pushing or sitting on the mattress will not do. Your hand will not tell you what you need to know.

    How the mattress looks is not as important as what is on the inside. Things to consider when purchasing a traditional innerspring mattress are the number of coil springs and how the mattress is constructed. Since all mattress warranties are not created equal, look for a mattress that has a reasonably long manufacturers warranty and be sure to read it.

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